Family Portraits

The saying goes “never work with children or animals” but at the Portrait Room we love nothing more than welcoming in newborn babies, kids of all ages, pets or extended families. Our studio is warm and welcoming. Our photographers enjoy spending time getting to know what makes their clients’ smile, it’s the key to happy family photography. We see people at all stages of their life enter our doors and the most rewarding experience for us is watching families grow and develop over the years and being part of it at every step of the way.


Booking and Tips for the Day

Booking can be made by email, on the phone or even by popping into the studio. We’re open 7 days a week but appointments may need to be made in advance for Saturdays and Sundays. The shoot takes one hour with a slideshow presentation the following week.



We want to spend time with our customers to make sure we know what the most important shots are. This may be children by themselves, grandparents and grandchildren or the whole extended family together. Whatever the case, this will be the first priority on the shoot day and once captured the focus will move to individual or other group shots.



  • Morning sessions are best when your child has lots of energy between snooze and snack time.
  • Newborns may require some extra time before big brothers and sisters arrive.
  • The best time for a pregnancy shoot is between 6 and 8 months!
  • Toys and treats are fine but should not be given out until the end of the session.



  • This photo may be on your wall for quite a while so think about what to wear.
  • Jeans and shirts are a good place to start, think smart/casual.
  • Little boys and girls look great in bright colours, dresses, jeans and t-shirts.
  • Newborns look best in just a nappy or our coloured and textured blankets.
  • If you’re unsure, bring a spare outfit.



  • Anything that will date the photo – logos or something overly busy.
  • Clothes that are too tight may be unflattering.