What happens when a Roller Derby Queen falls in love with the referee? Naturally enough they get married and choose me to be their wedding photographer! We had a lot of fun on this shoot which is always a good thing... even though pre wedding shoots are nearly always a little awkward at the start but by the time they finish most couples get what I am trying to achieve. What is that I hear you say! ... I am not necessarily looking for the killer shot but what I am looking for is feeling of relaxation, a feeling that there is in fact just two people present at the shoot that myself and the camera have become invisible and that you as a couple are free to move from one pose to the next in a seamless way. Just like you naturally turn to cosy up to one another, hold hands and look at each other knowing that what you have is something very special, something that only the two of you can understand. Thank you Kat and Andrew for being an amazing couple to work with. You have looked at these photos you definitely have to check out their wedding photos over here!