This is the story of Carly and Sam who traveled from San Francisco for something very special in Ballybeg House Co Wicklow Ireland. Nearly all my communication was with Carly's Mum - Suzy. From the start I knew this was going to be a very special day and I had to be involved... "We are a group of 13 revellers traveling from just north of San Francisco, California to Ireland for my daughter's wedding at Ballybeg House". From the moment we Skyped to actually meeting Carly and Sam and the 13 revellers I knew this was going to be very special day. One to be remembered for years to come. Hopefully I have added to the importance of this day for them. First reports of the slideshow (below) are..... "Omg cried through the whole thing! No words can describe our time at Ballybeg but you have captured so much with your skill".... a big thank you to all 13 of you for making my day so much fun. I did not want to leave you at the end! Also big thanks to Tee from Pairs and Peaches and the lads from Craddog who provided the music.